About Us

Dr. Baby’s Shanthi Dental clinic is a world on its own, where dentistry reigns supreme.

We specialize in aesthetic dentistry treatment modalities including prosthodontics, crown and bridge, implant, root canal treatments, office teeth whitening, correction of mal-aligned teeth and laser assisted dental treatments.

Conscious anesthesia to help children and adults get over their worst dental fears is available at our centre.

We are easily accessible and located close to the mobility hub, Vyttila.

A stress- free relaxed ambience blended with the beauty of nature and ample parking space takes you to a new world of dental care.

Dr. K. L. Baby MDS, an experienced dental surgeon specialized in prosthodontics working at Kacheripady, Kochi for many years has used all the 36 years of his experience in dentistry into making this life long dream of his own clinic catering to all dental needs at Vyttila.